Make a payment

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You can select to pay now by credit card or PayPal, or alternatively you can select the “Direct transfer by our accounts department” option.  To use that option a school purchase order must be submitted in the Purchase Order field that will appear.  If a purchase order number was provided at the time of enrolment, that has been pre-filled into the form.

An additional $39 accounting fee (including GST) is payable for payment by direct funds transfer through your accounts department.  If you select that option, the $39 fee will be automatically added to the amount due on this form.  By submitting this form you agree to accept that additional fee.  An updated tax invoice including the $39 fee will then be processed and emailed to you.

Note:  This form uses Google’s reCAPTCHA V3 which employs artificial intelligence to assess whether the form is being misused.  If reCAPTCHA rejects your form submission simply select Submit again.

Thank you for your payment. Your receipt will be emailed to you within  24 hours. 

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