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Using Microsoft and Google’s Artificial Intelligence apps to assist students with hearing, visual, and reading problems or disabilities

Use this page to modify your webinar dates and times, cancel an individual or a group enrolment, or substitute a new person for someone enrolled who cannot participate

Note:  The email address provided on this form must match the email address of the enrolled individual or group enroller provided at the time of enrolment

Webinar dates and times

The Introductory and the Workshop Webinar sessions will be held daily each weekday during the weeks of Monday 6th September to Friday 26th November. 

Workshop sessions will also be held on Saturdays and Sundays between Saturday 18th September to Sunday 10th October (during school holidays)  to accommodate teachers who due to COVID lockdown are unable to allocate sufficient time during the school term.

For each of the three components you can choose the session any week that best suits you, i.e. the Introduction, the Webinar part-1 and the Webinar-part 2.  However your sessions must be completed in that order, i.e. the Introduction first, then the Webinar Workshop part-1, and then the Webinar Workshop part 2.

In the table below Type is:

I = Introduction Webinar
W1 = Workshop Webinar 1
W2 = Workshop Webinar 2

All times are your local time (i.e. your Australian state’s local time or New Zealand local time)

Mondays Type Tuesdays Type Wednesdays Type Thursdays Type Fridays Type
8:30-9:10 I 8:30-10:00 W2 8:30-9:10 I 8:30-10:00 W1 8:30-10:00 W2
9:30-11:00 W1 10:15-10:55 I 9:30-11:00 W1 10:15-11:45 W2 10:15-10:55 I
11:30-12:10 I 11:15-12:45 W1 11:15-12:45 W2 12:00-1:30 W1 11:15-12:45 W1
12:30-2:00 W2 1:00-1:40 I 1:00-1:40 I 1:45-2:25 I 1:00-1:40 I
2:15-3:45 W1 2:00-3:30 W1 2:00-3:30 W2 3:30-3:10 I 2:00-3:30 W1
4:00-5:30 W2 3:40-5:10 W2 3:40-5:10 W1 3:45-4:25 I 3:40-5:10 W2
Saturdays Type Sundays Type
9:30-11:00 W1 10:15-10:55 I
11:15-12:45 W2 11:15-12:45 W1
1:00-1:40 I 1:00-1:40 I
2:00-3:30 W2 2:00-3:30 W1
3:40-5:10 W1 3:40-5:10 W2

Thank you. Your modification/ cancellation will be confirmed within 24 hours. 

Note: For security reasons you will not be advised if your enrolment details and/or email address are not recognised or do not match.

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