Booking Confirmation

By completing the enrolment application on our web site, you request to enter into an agreement with Pedacomp to provide the nominated professional learning to you in exchange for the fee as stated on the enrolment application web page.

By emailing to you confirmation of your enrolment application we accept your request to be provided with the nominated training and an agreement has been entered into.

A tax invoice will subsequently be emailed to you and your school’s administration office.

Financial Approval

By enrolling in a Pedacomp course as a member of your school’s teacher cohort you are confirming you have your school’s financial approval to enroll.

Course payment

The participant and/or participant’s school accept that they are required to pay the full amount of the Course fees if they commence the course.

Changes to booking details

Requests to substitute one participant for another participant are acceptable at any time.  Notification of changes should be made to

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellations of bookings for online courses may be made for full refund at any time prior to your commencement of the course.  Cancellations for face-to-face courses may be made and a refund issued up to 1 week before the course.

In the event that a participant or school wishes to cancel an enrolment, notice of that cancellation must be provided by emailing

Refunds for cancellations will be for the full fee less an amount of $10 to cover administration costs.  Refunds will not be considered for participants or schools who have commenced the professional development.

Course Enrolment

Course enrolment is accepted when Pedacomp emails a confirmation email to then enrollee confirming their enrolment.

Course Materials

Course Materials are supplied in an online environment unless otherwise stated in the course description, and are available for viewing online.  All materials may be downloaded unless it is explicitly stated that is not permitted.

You may not reproduce any part of the online Course Materials without the prior written consent of Pedacomp. The content of the online Course Materials as well as copyright and all intellectual rights to and in those Course Materials remain the property of Pedacomp.

Course materials and course content are subject to change if deemed necessary by Pedacomp

Means of provision of course materials

Course materials are provided online via our Learning Management System (LMS).  

The LMS may occasionally be unavailable during scheduled maintenance.  In the event that the LMS becomes unavailable for an extended period of time due to events beyond Pedacomp’s control the course materials may be provided by another mode of delivery.

Means of provision of the course

Course are conducted in face-to-face venues or as online real-time or recorded webinars as per the information published by Pedacomp.  Courses that have been advertised as face-to-face but are not able to be conducted using that method due to government regulation may at Pedacomp’s discretion be held online at the same scheduled times as the face-to-face sessions were to be held.

Closure or Suspension of enrolment

Pedacomp may suspend course enrolment of any person if Pedacomp has reason to believe that the enrolment has been subject to misuse of resources or suspected access by a person or person other than the enrollee which person has not so been authorised by Pedacomp.

Pedacomp will advise the enrolee of this action immediately it is taken.  If the enrollee believes such action is not warranted they should contact Pedacomp as soon as possible to discuss.


By enrolling in a Pedacomp course you agree to indemnify Pedacomp against any loss or damage, both real or personal, caused by or attributed to your use of any Pedacomp product or resource, or for which your use of any Pedacomp product or resource is deemed a contributing factor, and any liability to any person or entity, in respect of or in connection with such loss or damage, both real or personal. This includes, but is not limited to, legal representation, workers compensation, insurance claims and proceedings brought about by third parties related to your use or misuse of Pedacomp’s products and resources.

Thank you. Your enrolment will be confirmed within 24 hours. 

Please email us at if you have not received your confirmation within 24 hours.

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